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Cost Optimization Insights

To stay ahead of the competition, it is essential to continuously assess your data environment to align with industry best practices, ensure security, and optimize cost & performance. At phData, a successful approach involves regularly assessing needs, implementing solutions, and measuring results.

Our extensive experience helping hundreds of customers from diverse industries has led us to develop our software, the Advisor tool. This tool can quickly and easily identify opportunities to improve the performance, security, and cost visibility of your Snowflake environment.

What to Expect

Our team of platform architects analyzes data from the Advisor tool to provide recommendations for optimizing your platform’s architecture to improve performance, security, and ROI. Together, we’ll collaborate to identify practical steps that can be added to your backlog to optimize your Snowflake environment.

The Advisor tool comes with a pre-configured set of checks to identify opportunities that ensure your Snowflake environment is following best practices across a variety of categories (Learn more):

  • Configuration Best Practices: guidance on how to configure your Snowflake environment for better performance and security
  • Security Enhancements: identify potential security risks and provide mitigation strategies
  • Compute Optimization: identify warehouse over/under-utilization causing excessive consumption or query queuing
  • Storage Utilization: identify data storage issues, such as tables with inadequate/excessive data protection

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