Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations

Flexible security, monitoring, and support for your Snowflake platform

What is Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations?

Snowflake has automated the mundane tasks of a DBA— but the data platform still requires specialists for administration. Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations is about enabling and accelerating your data adoption flywheel through resource provisioning, automation, and development support.

How Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations impacts your business

Building and running enterprise data platforms is complex. Experienced Snowflake experts can elevate and accelerate the success of your entire organization.

What is covered in phData's Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations?

No two companies deal with the same set of challenges. Here are some examples of what is typically covered and not covered with Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations.

What do Snowflake DataOps engineers do?

What do they not do?

Got Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations questions? We've got answers.

Our pricing starts as low as $120k per year. Unlike traditional services companies, phData’s Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations has elastic, usage-based pricing. You pay only for the parts of the service that you use.

Snowflake has automated a huge number of the mundane DBA-type tasks. It automatically manages disk storage, compute sizing, hardware maintenance, upgrades, and more. But the role has changed instead of going away completely. Snowflake DataOps engineers still do some operations and support, but much like the DevOps shift in the past, their role now is also about enabling the organization through automation and best practices.

No, the platform services team is going to be working on your entire data platform. The broader data platform can include many other complementary tools used in conjunction with Snowflake. This includes tools like Airflow (scheduling), Fivetran (ingest), DBT (transformations), Dataiku, or DataRobot (ML), and DataFactory (pipelining). When possible, these tools should be provisioned using infrastructure-as-code to ensure consistency.

Not always. Some weeks you’ll have enough work for multiple full-time staff.  Some weeks you won’t have any work for full time staff. That’s why we like a resourcing model that allows you to expand and contract on an hourly basis. In other words, we provide elastic personnel.

What is phData’s Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations?

  • Data Management Services

    Experts to provision, configure, secure, and operate Snowflake and accompanying tools.

  • Pre-Built Automation

    phData automates the most common administrative tasks. Automation reduces mistakes, minimizes costs, and makes the best use of your team’s time.

  • Support Services

    Skilled resources for L1-L3 support and troubleshooting. We offer both 8x5 and 24x7 support.

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“phData's Snowflake Elastic Platform Operations team is top notch! They have great status and follow-up and exceptional customer service.”

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