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Platform administration and 24×7 support from the largest pure-play service provider for Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, OpenShift, and Kafka.

We are honored to be awarded Cloudera's 2020 North American Partner of the Year!

Cloudera Partner of the Year phData 2020

Cloudera provides a flexible, secure foundation for building successful data products. However, initial success often drives unexpected leaps in complexity — overwhelming admin staff, undermining performance, and introducing security risks — while expectations and demand for the platform rise.

phData Cloudera Managed Services helps you support and grow the centralized, hydrated, and reliable data platform you need to support your analytics and machine learning initiatives — with 24×7 monitoring, management, enhancements, and system administration, all for a simple, fixed annual fee.

Cloudera Managed Services Offerings

Choose the right combination of support and Cloudera platform expertise to fit your needs across the full data product lifecycle:

phData Shield

1. Managed Services Gold

Provides 24x7 monitoring, management, enhancements, and system administration, all for a simple,
fixed annual fee.

phData Shield

2. Managed Services Platinum

Includes all Gold service offerings, plus expert guidance, accelerators, and quality checks to ensure enterprise-grade stability, performance, and scalability.

Maximize your investment in data

Professional Team

Real experts, real results

Get support from Apache committers who built the software you are relying on. As the largest pure-play provider in the game, we build and develop our software with long-term scale, efficiency, and cloud-extensibility in-mind — with tools and processes to help you realize the value of the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), on-prem or in the cloud.

Cloud Data

Platform confidence

Be confident in your Cloudera platform’s long-term ability to support future applications and revenue-generating data products. With proactive monitoring, automation, and alerting — all with best practices baked-in — we help prevent issues before they occur.

Budget Friendly Approach

Faster & cost-effective

By relying on a more experienced team with platform-specific expertise, our customers not only tend to report experiencing better service, but also saving 20–35 percent on their platform support costs. Additionally, our fixed-price model offers predictable costs while incentivising our teams to deliver with the speed, efficiency, and reliability you expect.

Why phData Managed Services for Cloudera?

Overcoming the complexity gap

Say goodbye to general systems integrators learning core ecosystem technologies on the fly — leading to increased cost, prolonged incident response times, and root cause analysis that’s out of line with platform best practices.

The Cloudera platform supports a diverse set of technologies, and our SMEs bring you deep knowledge around all of them. And unlike most small, in-house teams, our robust corps of admins is ready and able to deliver incident response 24×7.

phData Automation and Software

Vigilance around security

In the world of data, small mistakes cost big money. phData’s security and governance processes, frameworks, and automation are used by the world’s largest companies to safeguard their data. We understand enterprise-grade security. And our processes for configuration, upgrades, patching, and maintenance are fully aligned with enterprise-tested standards and best practices.

A services + software approach

We’ve developed an arsenal of automation patterns, tooling, and proprietary open-source software based on our combined experience with Cloudera best-practices for the platform as well as best-practices for different use cases — which helps predict user and platform issues, seamlessly rollout capabilities, and quickly onboard new users.

We accelerate migrations to Cloudera CDP.

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Dependable data products, delivered faster.

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