LANDINGAI Partnership

Harness the Power of
Large Vision Models


Putting AI Into Production

phData’s AI experts are ready to help you take advantage of LandingAI’s supercharged computer vision applications. Our team can help you leverage Landing AI alongside your Snowflake platform to unlock new ways to harness the untapped potential of visual data.


Trained AI & data platform architects and engineers.

Solutions & Assets

Our expert team is equipped with best practice documentation, tutorials, and reference architectures.


Accelerate your AI Application adoption and extend the benefits across the organization.

Accelerate your Landing AI success story with our guidance

AI Strategy

Leverage our actionable AI Strategy that delivers a clear roadmap to ensure successful implementation of Landing AI in order to deliver real business value & justify continued investment.

AI MVP Development

Landing AI is an accelerator for vision use cases that will help address more business problems. We can develop the broader application around Landing AI models and training capabilities

AI Application Deployment

Scale computer vision solutions with the support of our production deployment experts who will help with cost management, model accuracy, reporting, codification, and more.

Elastic Operations

Manage and operate your AI Platform and Applications, including those built with Landing AI, to ensure monitoring, governance, security, and run support.

Connect Natively to Snowflake

With phData’s expertise and deep partnership with Snowflake, we can help you take advantage of Snowflake’s advanced data warehousing supporting Landing AI’s cutting-edge computer vision technology, creating powerful new opportunities for businesses to harness visual data. 

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See What’s Possible with phData and LandingAI


Solve automated inspection challenges like quality assurance.


Vision systems help ensure quality control via automated inspection.


Cost reduction, process monitoring, assembly inspection.

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