PMO Tableau Dashboard Example

This Project Management Office (PMO) Tableau dashboard example equips PM leaders with the ability to monitor open projects and gain the latest updates to them, including changes in risk or budget. 

It also allows visibility into the overall health of your current projects and the tracking towards completion. 

Who is the Ideal User of This Dashboard?

This Tableau dashboard is designed for a PMO Director to monitor the progress, status, and budget of their open projects. With the ability to see the priority, risk, and billing information, this dashboard will bring value in mitigating potential blockers to the successful completion of their projects. 

3 Things You Can Accomplish With This Dashboard

1. Summary

Live Updates on Key Information: The updates section exists in real-time to report the amount billed in the prior month, any changes to risk or budget, and projects that are close to completion. This allows relevant parties to keep a pulse on important shifts in relation to open projects.

PM Load: The project managers section not only displays PMs on the team but highlights them by project load to help better identify who has open capacity.

2. Project List

Custom Groupings: The custom grouping toggles allows the users to curate the information by whichever field is most important to them. Whether this means looking at the team’s top priorities, biggest risks, categories, or distribution by manager, this selector gives flexibility to understanding the current project landscape.

3. Timeline

Custom Highlighting: Though the timeline visualizes project length, the user has the option to highlight the projects by either priority or risk to better understand the impact or uplift of upcoming projects or projects that are close to completion.

Today Callout: The moving benchmark for present time gives visibility and context to the project timelines by relating them to the current date.


We hope this dashboard brings you value as you keep a pulse on the status and trajectory of projects at your organization. 

If you have any questions, need help, or are interested in having a team of Tableau experts design dashboards for you, feel free to reach out!

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