Our Partners

phData and our partners are guiding customers to stronger data products and better business outcomes.


phData has been a strategic partner of Cloudera since 2015, and has been involved with some of their largest and highest profile customers. We bring the perfect mix of automation and services to create solid data platforms and outstanding data products.

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phData has been a strategic StreamSets partner since 2016, and provides a range of services to help companies build, execute, operate, and protect enterprise data movement systems.

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phData is an early partner of Amazon Web Services and has been involved in dozens of their largest data platform deployments.

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Azure is one of phData’s fastest growing technology partners.

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Arcadia Data

Arcadia is perfectly suited to many of phData’s Big Data use-cases. Arcadia Data provides BI that can scale without data movement that is also integrated within the Cloudera’s security and resource management frameworks. phData and Arcadia data provide faster BI with higher user concurrency on larger data volumes.

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RStudio and its suite of products perfectly align with phData’s focus on driving success with Data Science and Machine Learning organizations. From RStudio Server to Shiny and RStudio Connect, their tools allow Data Scientists and Engineers to conduct reproducible research and deploy analytical solutions.

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