February 28, 2019

phData’s Business Grows 100% YOY, Adds Machine Learning Operations

By phData Marketing

phData, the global leader in Cloudera Managed Services and Big Data consulting, kicked off 2019 by adding Machine Learning Operations to its portfolio of services. Recapping the success of 2018, which saw 100% growth rate, the outlook for 2019 is even brighter, highlighted by the completion of the Cloudera and Hortonworks merger.

“As a Cloudera focused organization, the Hortonworks merger allows us to double our target market and we are excited for the challenge,” stated Ryan Bosshart, phData CEO. “Organically expanding our footprint into the now twice as large Cloudera customer base leverages our existing intellectual property driving success for customers. We’re particularly excited by the addition of DataFlow for streaming and IoT.”

A Future in Machine Learning Operations

phData also unveiled its Machine Learning Operations business, which focuses on production deployments, monitoring, and validation of models. Growing the internal knowledge base and expanding on platform expertise has phData positioned for an exciting 2019.

“We’ve found that few organizations know how to move Machine Learning models to production. If the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning trend is going to lead to a lasting impact, it will do so by maintaining models in production at scale,” stated Brock Noland, phData Co-Founder and Chief Architect. “We see excitement internally and externally for support in this space since it fulfills the promise of changing our customers’ businesses through data.”

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