January 17, 2023

phData Expands into LATAM by Acquiring Nooka Labs

By Mitch Rudolph

phData is kicking off 2023 with some BIG news! 

phData announced today its investment into the LATAM data consulting market with the acquisition of Nooka Labs, an Uruguayan technology company specializing in data engineering, machine learning, analytics staffing, and Snowflake Data Cloud professional services. 

This strategic acquisition will enable phData to expand our full-service machine learning and data analytics capabilities into Latin America and offer new and current clients a more comprehensive range of services, including enriched Snowflake professional solutions.  

What is Nooka Labs?

Headquartered in Montevideo Uruguay, Nooka Labs is a pioneering technology company that specializes in data cloud platforms, data engineering, and machine learning

They are experts in building high-performing Snowflake Data Cloud teams, delivering excellence from their talent center in LATAM, and seamlessly integrating professionals into their clients’ processes and tools. Nooka Labs has helped numerous LATAM customers and service partners build successful and efficient data stack teams. 

In addition to a celebrated history of consultancy work, Nooka Labs also offers data & analytics staffing solutions across Latin America.

Why Make the Acquisition?

phData’s vision is to be the world leader in services for the modern data stack. To better support this initiative, it’s imperative to have a world-class delivery center in Latin America, which is where Nooka Labs comes into play. 

Nooka Labs has a very impressive track record of building successful data products, especially on the Snowflake Data Cloud, which was a huge benefit for phData. 

As the 2022 Snowflake Partner of the Year, phData is continuing to invest in its partnership with Snowflake, and acquiring a company like Nooka Labs will only deepen our expertise in the platform and help better serve our joint Snowflake clients across the world.

Additionally, Nooka Labs is headquartered in Uruguay, a strategically chosen country that ranks 3rd in the world for per-capita software exports. This division will not only aim to enhance current regional talent but also strive to develop and grow the data cloud industry across the entire continent. 

Over 2022, phData has utilized Nooka Labs analytics and data engineering staffing services to help augment consulting work for a variety of clients across many different time zones. As phData continues to hire top talent globally, the acquisition of Nooka Labs opens up an entirely new talent pool.

What’s Next?

This acquisition is an important step in phData’s history as we strive to become the world leader in services for the modern data stack. As the market grows, phData will continue to deepen our investments in talent development and automation and expand into new geographies and industries.

For more information, we welcome you to read the official press release. If you’re interested in becoming a key part of our success story, we highly encourage you to explore our open positions. We’re always looking for curious individuals to join our team.

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