December 14, 2023

phData Honored as Pioneer in Composable CDP Solutions

By Mitch Rudolph

phData has been recognized as an official Certified Composable Services Provider by Hightouch, the leading Data Activation company. This achievement is a huge deal for us, especially since there are only five Certified Composable Services Providers in the world.

Companies with this designation have been carefully reviewed and selected for their demonstrated expertise and track record in supporting the adoption of Composable Customer Data Platforms among enterprise companies.

What is a Composable Customer Data Platform?

A Composable CDP is a new technical architecture for how businesses manage and activate their customer data for marketing programs. The Composable CDP transforms an existing cloud data warehouse, like the Snowflake Data Cloud, into the central repository of customer data in a company. 

This novel approach is disrupting the industry by enabling businesses to personalize emails, advertising, and other customer experiences more quickly, cheaply, and effectively than traditional solutions. The Composable approach achieves these results by turning a company’s existing data warehouse investment into the center of its marketing technology stack.

How was phData Selected?

phData was selected for this recognition based on our:

  • Track record of delivering event collection, data warehouse configuration, data transformation, and data activation projects to enterprise customers.

  • Staffing allocation to Composable CDP projects.

  • Thought leadership on the topic of Composable technology.

What’s Next?

Composable CDP has quickly become the standard for customer data management at modern enterprises. phData will continue to help businesses utilize their customer data for strategic data-driven marketing and advertising initiatives.  

To learn more about our recognition, visit the Press Release!

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