Expense Report Dashboard in Sigma Computing

Expense Report Dashboard in Sigma Computing

This Sigma Computing Expense Report Dashboard Example is a descriptive display showing how expenses are being spent by date (YTD, QTD, MTD), departments, expense type, expense subtype and employees. 

Users can navigate to the end of the report where they can find the expense lookup table and access to multiple filters (inputting their desired criteria) to uncover any outliers or interesting expenses.

About The Data 

The data used in this Expense Report Dashboard example is from one of Tableau’s accelerator dashboards called HR Expenses. The data used in this report consists of one table where each row denotes an expense. Every expense has a date, the name of the employee the expense is from, the department they belong to, the expense type, the expense subtype, and the expense amount.

Who Is This Dashboard For

The audience to this dashboard is your finance and the accounting team. This report can be viewed at any given time to track and compare the overall expenses against the budget.

What You Can Accomplish With Dashboard

There are two parameters that are vital to making this dashboard work, the Relative Date and the Date Level Select parameters.

The Date Level Select parameter has three values to choose from: YTD, QTD and MTD. Since these parameters work together, the expenses shown on the report would be from the beginning of the Relative Date’s Year/Quarter/Month (which is set using Date Level Select) until the selected Relative Date.

The three KPIs are:

  • Total Expenses
  • Number of expenses
  • Avg. Expense amount


The rest of the charts show the expenses by department, expense type, expense subtype and employee. If any of the charts show an interesting number, the user can use the Expense Lookup table at the end of the report to discover expenses at its most granular form.


Sigma is a powerful and easy to learn tool with exceptional data modeling and reporting capabilities. We hope you found this Sigma Expense Report Dashboard Example useful.

If you have any questions, need help, or are interested in having a team of Sigma experts design dashboards for you, feel free to reach out!

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