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Information and onboarding accelerator for self-service user and role provisioning for Snowflake.

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Although the Snowflake platform does support authentication federation, accounts still need to be provisioned within Snowflake, along with databases, schemas, and roles, as well as your information architecture.

phData built Tram to take the manual gruntwork out of the equation, and make onboarding users in Snowflake both seamless and painless.

A better way to handle
provisioning in Snowflake

Provisioning faster

Tram makes scaling Snowflake to thousands of users a breeze. The ability to automatically onboard users, provision roles, add users to roles, and provision information architecture speeds up user onboarding and maintenance processes.

Provisioning safer

Automating the process of onboarding database objects eliminates manual work — and therefore error — while helping to ensure you’re doing it all in a controlled, governed, and fully consistent way, using a standard information architecture.

Provisioning cheaper

Eliminating work means saving your employees valuable time — and it’s available for free to all phData customers. Plus, getting your teams onboarded faster means retiring your legacy platform all the sooner.

Tram offerings

Tram is integrated within the following services:

Cloud DataOps

phData Shield

Teradata to Snowflake

Teradata to Snowflake

Impala to Snowflake

SAP Hana to Snowflake

SAP to Snowflake

Microsoft SQL to Snowflake

Microsoft to Snowflake

Oracle to Snowflake

Oracle to Snowflake (1)

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