Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud Migration Services

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Why Move to Tableau Cloud?

  • Improved Performance

    Tableau Cloud has the highest performance standard by Tableau. With the enhanced performance, you’ll achieve more with less.

  • Reduced Costs

    Tableau Explorer and Viewer costs may be higher, but they are often offset by the costs associated with scaling and managing the physical or virtual hardware. 

  • Latest Features and Functionality

    Tableau Cloud is automatically upgraded to the newest version allowing your team to utilize the latest and most significant features from Tableau.

  • Disaster Recovery

    With Tableau Cloud’s configuration, disaster recovery planning is minimized, squashing any fear of losing critical data.

  • Scale Instantaneously

    Tableau Cloud instantly scales infrastructure to the size of your organization. When you add additional users, there’s no need to manage your hardware.

  • IT Infrastructure Complexity

    Tableau Cloud moves the responsibility of infrastructure management to Tableau, saving precious resources from your team.

Tableau Server vs. Tableau Cloud Costs

Looking to compare pricing between Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud? Our experts can help answer your most challenging questions.

How phData Helps With Tableau Cloud Migrations

Our holistic approach to content migrations focuses on involving all your stakeholders. From content managers to the users impacted by a change in business operations, our goal is to set everyone up for success on Tableau Cloud with minimum disruptions. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’re in for if you select phData as your migration sidekick. 

  • Assess Environment

    We evaluate your existing environment and work with you to build a roadmap and determine how we will get to the final state.

  • Governance & Clean-Up

    We clean up any stale content and determine a long-term governance framework that can be applied with minimal friction to the end users.

  • Automate

    Speed up time to deliver by more than 10x with our custom migration software

  • Change Management

    End users will be changing their ways of working. We focus on communication and change management with stakeholders to minimize business disruption.

  • Elastic Support

    We match migrations with the team that scales to meet your migration needs, whether on-shore or offshore.

  • Snowflake Migration

    If you are already moving to Snowflake, this is a perfect opportunity to combine our Snowflake expertise to reduce headaches later. 

Our client, a retail company in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, decided to migrate from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud to focus more on their business and lower their overall costs.


We used specialized migration software to automate and streamline the process, including data migration and reconciliation, customization and configuration of Tableau Cloud, and training and support for users.


The migration was successful, and the use of migration software resulted in 8x time savings.


Migrating to Tableau Cloud was beneficial for our client, who was able to focus more on their business and lower their overall costs. The use of migration software also resulted in significant time savings.

12x Your Speed to Tableau Cloud

Seamlessly audit and migrate content to Tableau Cloud from Tableau Server with our time-saving automation software, Tableau Cloud MAX. 

Getting Started with phData

  • Assessment

    Current-state and future-state site assessment questionnaire

  • Audit

    Site Audit of Tableau Server with a customized Tableau Workbook

  • Proposal

    Custom migration report summarizing your assessment and Audit

  • Execution

    Migrate from Tableau Server to Tableau cloud using automation and elastic resources

Want to learn more about Tableau Cloud? We’ve got you covered.

Tableau Server vs. Tableau Cloud

Equip yourself with the right information to confidently choose between Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud. 

Tableau Cloud Case Study

Explore what happened when a large CPG enterprise migrated to Tableau Cloud from Server.

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