phData SQLMorph instantly translates SQL from one language to another, eliminating a usually time-consuming, error-prone, and highly manual process.
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Manually translating SQL from one language to another is tedious and costly to the business — slowing migrations, introducing errors, and eating up valuable developer time. And just because the migration is over doesn’t mean the SQL work is; most companies have a multitude of databases and, accordingly, an ongoing need to continue translating SQL.

SQLMorph is a tool designed by phData to solve these problems and, ultimately, to help you complete your migration to a cloud-native database successfully.

SQLMorph phData Software

End SQL Translation Headaches

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Execute migrations fast

SQLMorph instantly translates SQL from one language to another — no waiting on humans required. SQLMorph isn't licensed to individual users, it’s available for anyone on your team.

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Automation you can trust

SQLMorph is a SaaS tool that’s constantly improving. It’s updated three times daily, on average, with new features and bug fixes. And unlike some tools, which use regular expressions to map one function to another function, SQLMorph parses the source SQL in its native language and translates the semantic meaning. Native support means more accurate translations and valid output.

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Save time, reduce costs

Our engineers’ ability to use SQLMorph to eliminate manual work is so impactful, it’s a non-trivial part of why our engagements cost less than many others. But don’t take our word for it. SQLMorph is free to our customers’ employees, with any ongoing phData engagement.

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