phData at Snowflake Summit

Visit us at booth #1530!

We are thrilled to be a sponsor at this year’s Snowflake Summit! 

Join us at our booth #1530 for engaging discussions on data modernization, incredible giveaways, and valuable insights into how phData can greatly enhance your Snowflake journey.

the phData team receiving the Partner of the Year award at Snowflake Summit

Schedule an Ask Me Anything (AMA)
with our experts!

phData has some of the most brilliant yet down-to-earth minds in Data Engineering, AI, and Machine Learning. 

This is your chance to ask them anything in a casual, non-judgy session before or at Snowflake Summit. Whether you have a complicated Snowflake migration question(s) or are curious about how you can implement AI, you’ll find answers to your most challenging questions.

Attend our Sessions!

Snowflake Summit is filled with thought-provoking sessions and captivating stories of data innovation. We’ve collaborated closely with the Snowflake team to meticulously plan two stand-out sessions embodying this spirit.

Here’s the lowdown on where to find us:

Generating Value from Complex Healthcare Data with Snowflake

Join us in an eye-opening session where we unravel the digital heartbeat of today's healthcare systems. We'll dive into the transformative potential of processing common healthcare data formats (HL7 and X12 EDI) using the pioneering Snowflake Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud. Learn how to unlock limitless possibilities in analytics, decision support, and machine learning, and see how this leads to increased operational efficiency, improved patient care, and amplified revenue.
A headshot of the legendary John Nowak
John Nowak
Senior Solutions Architect at phData

Transforming Identity Resolution with Snowpark in the Data Cloud

Unravel the intricacies of identity resolution in our upcoming session, where we explore its critical role in linking disparate data sources to create comprehensive customer profiles or 'Customer 360.' In an age where understanding customers is paramount, learn how to perform identity resolution more quickly, efficiently, securely, and at scale. Join us as we explore the transformation of an identity resolution algorithm using Snowpark. We'll highlight the advantages of Snowpark, its role in simplifying architecture, paving the way for Snowflake Native Apps, and enabling secure data processing.
Morten Lileng
SVP Identity Products at Merkle
Nick Pileggi
Senior Solutions Architect at phData

Take a break from the sessions and enjoy a cold beer.

Emerge from the basement of Caesars Palace to get some much-needed Vitamin D, craft beer, delicious food, and noteworthy networking opportunities by attending our Rooftop Social event at Beer Park with dbt Labs and Hex.

Tuesday, June 27th at 7:30 PM – 11:00 PM.

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