Free Data Migration Assessment Workshop

Expert guidance, straightforward answers, and honest advice for your data migration project.

Having literally completed hundreds of successful data platform migrations, we know how to successfully move data from one platform to another with minimal disruptions.

For a limited time, phData is offering a free data migration workshop that will help guide your organization to a successful migration path. In a 90-minute session, your leaders can sit down with one of our top Data Engineering experts to start turning ideas into a plan of action.

In this complimentary Data Migration Assessment Workshop, phData will help you:

  • Select the right combination of approaches for your migration

  • Assess your current technology and make recommendations

  • Estimate how long your data migration project will take

  • Identify key technology partners that can help streamline the migration

  • Answer any migration questions you have

How it Works:

  1. Upon completing the form, a member of our data engineering team will be notified

  2. The data engineering expert will reach out to schedule a 60-90-minute call

  3. On the call, we’ll go through your current tools, figure out what’s going to be the best approach for migration, and then select a signature use case to demonstrate the value of the migration.

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