Case Study

Successful US Financial and Tax Consulting Enterprise Begins Data-Modernization Journey with Snowflake & phData


Customer's Challenge

One of the largest US-based financial and tax consulting companies sought to modernize its data stack with the Snowflake AI Data Cloud in a tight timeframe to accommodate rapid growth better, improve data quality and availability, enable self-service analytics, and migrate critical expense reports before third-party support termination.

phData's Solution

phData implemented Snowflake for the client with our accelerated enablement model and the phData Toolkit in just 13 weeks. This approach established a solid foundation for the client’s data modernization journey and integrated best practices alongside Snowflake-native automation and cost optimization tools.


By the end of the engagement, the client was well on its way to reaching its data stack modernization goals. The introduction of a centralized data platform with best practice governance policies has not only increased overall data availability but also improved data quality, both of which are critical for self-service analytics and reporting. 

Since adopting Snowflake, the client’s data processing speeds have skyrocketed, and users can now query a single data source for their reports.

Additionally, this engagement laid the groundwork for this company to begin its Generative AI adoption journey, which can only be done with a strong data foundation.

The Full Story

A US-based tax and financial consulting enterprise was looking to modernize its data stack in a purposeful effort to improve data quality and availability with the ultimate goal of introducing self-serve analytics. 

The client had experienced rapid growth over the last few years and needed a data platform that could handle its current demand while allowing it to continue scaling. 

Snowflake stood out as the cloud platform of choice because of its unparalleled scalability, real-time data processing capabilities, and robust security measures—all critical features for a company dealing with large volumes of sensitive financial data. 

The client faced another challenge, too, it had just 18 short weeks to migrate two third-party expense reports in-house before access and support for these reports were to be sunsetted. Without these business-critical reports, the client would lose insight into its T/E expenses (the second largest expense category for most US companies after payroll). 

Losing access to these reports was not an option. This left a little over four months for the client to:

To really heighten the pressure, this company was also amid a massive private investor deal that hinged on a successful start to its data modernization journey

Why phData?

phData was chosen due to our proven ability to implement Snowflake successfully, even under some of the most challenging conditions and timelines, while continuing to leverage and implement industry-wide best practices. 

There was no choice but to nail this.

Using our tried and true Snowflake enablement model, phData was able to establish the client’s Snowflake platform using best practices, migrate the necessary data sources into Snowflake, and reverse engineer the business-critical expense reports in just 13 weeks, well ahead of the third-party cutoff date. 

Due to the tight timeline, the team utilized phData’s Toolkit to expedite the enablement of Snowflake by automating many of the time-consuming components, such as onboarding, optimizing the configuration of the platform, and more—all while maintaining the best in class service that phData is known for.

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