Accelerate your career in cloud technology.

Looking for a place to do your career’s best work? Come work for an industry leader. We are experts in cloud data solutions helping customers solve complex problems, which means you’ll work with the newest cloud tech stacks on a daily basis.

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Built by engineers, for engineers

phData was established by leading data platform engineers with a mission to solve real-world data problems with the best data platforms and products.

From Snowflake administration to Elastic MLOps consulting, our teams work collaboratively to help our customers derive more value from their data. With innovative customers from a range of industries—from Anthem in health insurance to Shell in oil and gas—our engineers and architects face new challenges armed with phData’s proven best practices.

We’re proud to be Partner of the Year to Snowflake two years in a row, all because of our team of cloud data experts. 

Why work at phData?

We invest in you.

No two business problems and no two tech stacks are ever the same. No two software developers are the same, either—that’s why we’re committed to helping you build and learn through your work.  

We’ll start you out with four weeks of bootcamp through our phData Academy. This accelerates not only your trajectory at phData, but also your capability as a technical lead or contributor. 

Our customer-facing roles give you the opportunity to build the skills that will take you to the next level of your career. 

At phData, we’re investing in the long-term promise of data-backed and cloud-based technologies. That means investing in you, too.

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Solve interesting problems, work with big brands.

Are you looking to have an impactful role in a collaborative, focused team? Whether we’re building an AWS MLOps platform for a large restaurant chain or developing a streaming service for emergency responders in one of American’s largest cities, phData is the company where you get to make an impact. 

At phData, you won’t be a small piece of an outsized puzzle. Every role is rich with responsibility and diverse with complexity. Our India-based team is made up of experienced engineers and architects who grow by directly influencing the way we implement a client solution. 

You’ll be expected to drive results on your own (with support from your teammates, of course) and given the autonomy to learn. 

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Space to create. Space to connect.

phData is a remote-first company. Remote-first means we allow all current and future phData employees to work remotely (including within India), but we will continue to maintain our centrally located office in Bangalore.

For you, it means you get to choose how to spend your workday. For collaboration on a new project, you can come into the office, use a white board or two, and grab lunch with your colleagues. If you need to focus, keep the deep work going from your workstation at home. 

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Benefits for our India team

Our core values aren’t just wall decorations

We take our values pretty seriously around here. Our leadership team spent countless hours developing core values to lead the company by.

Psychological Safety

Together, we create a climate where it’s safe to take risks and be vulnerable. This allows us to be creative, make a mistake, and speak up about ideas or ask questions without fear of being embarrassed or punished. Psychological safety leads to an environment that truly fosters learning, innovation, and teamwork.


A deep desire to understand our technology, each other, and our customers. We strive to learn technology at a deep, fundamental level. We strive to understand each other to build empathy. We strive to understand our customers and how to deliver the technical and business outcomes they need.


A mixture of intense passion and intense perseverance. We take creative approaches to design solutions and are dedicated to following through until the problem is solved. Grit allows us to solve our customers’ hardest problems and deliver superior results.


We are better as a whole than as individuals. We appreciate and bring together our different expertise, perspectives, and ideas to come up with better, more well-rounded solutions. We support, challenge and encourage each other along the journey.

Beyond the Data: Let’s hear from the team.

Indu Krishnadas

People Ops Manager

Ajay H N 

Sr. Data Engineer

Dipal Kendre

DevOps Engineer

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