Store Analysis Power BI Dashboard Example

The Store Analysis Power BI Dashboard provides insights into a Retail Store, summarizing Sales, Products, Customers, etc.

This dashboard delivers KPIs that will allow your businesses to track progress, identify gaps, and make informed decisions to align your sales efforts with your objectives—ultimately driving growth and profitability.

Who is This Dashboard For?

This Power BI dashboard is intended for Store Managers who want to analyze their store(s) performance of sales, products, and customers. Evaluating performance helps make informed decisions regarding sales strategies and target audience selection, thus shaping future sales approaches.

What You Can Accomplish With Dashboard

This dashboard consists of six reports, along with a landing page for convenient navigation.

Customer Analysis

The user can monitor Customers, the Number of Transactions, the Quantity Ordered, and the Top Customers. Additionally, users can see Trends by customer Visits, Customer to Target, and Customer with Last Purchase Date.

Order Analysis

Users can monitor Quantity Ordered, Total Revenue, Total Profit, and Avg Discount (%). The Order Detail Summary will allow users to focus on individual customers, monitor and improve their performance, and capitalize on opportunities to maximize customer value and sales.

Product Analysis

The user can track the performance of the product by Sales and Profit with the help of the Products Summary identification of top-performing and underperforming products, as well as highlighting areas for improvement and potential gaps in the product portfolio.

Location Analysis

Track the Top 5 Profitable Location Types and Profitable Cities with this dashboard. Sales and Profit can also be tracked down to the state and city level within the top 5 locations.

Sales Team Analysis

This tab will help monitor your Sales Team Performance with the help of Channels and Regions. This report also helps to get a robust summary of the sales team overall, including the top five performers. 

Time Period Analysis

The user can monitor Total Sales, Total Profit, Total COGS, and Avg Sales/Day. This report also helps teams to understand revenue generated by Region. Lastly, users can access dynamic insights for revenue, profit, and COGS after annual, quarterly, and monthly performance.


We hope you found this Store Analysis Power BI dashboard example useful in your pursuit to better identify top performers within your company and determine which products are more profitable and from which customers you can maximize sales.

If you have any questions, need help, or are interested in having a team of PowerBI experts design dashboards for you, feel free to reach out!

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