May 28, 2024

phData Achieves Elite Partner Status with Coalesce

By Mitch Rudolph

We are proud to announce that phData has achieved Elite Partner Status with Coalesce, a leader in data transformation technology. 

As an Elite Partner, phData has demonstrated exceptional proficiency and success in leveraging Coalesce’s data transformation platform to drive impactful business. In other words, we’ve accomplished some incredible things together for our mutual clients and have taken our partnership to the next level.

"Achieving Elite Partner Status with Coalesce is a testament to all the dedication, hard work, and grit our team has poured into making this such a successful partnership. Coalesce has enabled us to deliver unparalleled data solutions that empower our clients to harness the full potential of their data. We are so excited to continue this journey and look forward to driving more success for our clients."
Sam Mehlhaff
VP of Marketing and Partnerships

As one of just three Elite consulting partners with Coalesce, phData is honored to achieve this milestone and we’re genuinely looking forward to this next chapter in our partnership. Let’s explore more about what this all means to the data community. 

What Does Coalesce Do?

Coalesce is a technology platform that simplifies creating and maintaining data pipelines with an easy-to-use visual interface and customizable templates, reducing the need for extensive coding. Integrated with the Snowflake AI Data Cloud, Coalesce allows for smooth data transformations using Snowflake SQL or code-free options, making data processes more efficient and consistent.

How Did phData Reach Elite Status?

The answer to this question can be summed up as the trifecta of having an incredible delivery team that repeatedly brings value to clients with Coalesce, our amazing partner team, and phData’s frequent thought-leadership contributions to the Coalesce community. We believe that having a strong presence in all three categories has propelled us to the top of Coalesce’s partner network. 

Additionally, Coalesce is exclusively built for the Snowflake AI Data Cloud, and few partners have as much experience in Snowflake as phData does.

As Snowflake’s 2023 Partner of the Year (and Elite Partner tier), phData has a solid track record of repeatably helping enterprises find success with Snowflake. Whether that’s through migration help, platform management, automation needs, or building machine learning foundations, phData’s expertise is unmatched with Snowflake, and we’re thrilled to bring that to the table with our Coalesce client engagements.

“We’ve been thoroughly impressed with the phData team’s knowledge of the Coalesce platform and their ability to execute efficiently and smoothly on even the most complex and advanced data projects. We’re proud of the results we’ve accomplished for our joint customers, and look forward to our continued success together.”
Armon Petrossian
CEO of Coalesce

What Projects Does phData Work With Coalesce on?

The bread and butter of our projects with Coalesce usually takes the form of helping mutual clients achieve end-to-end data pipelines. After our clients’ raw data is landed in Snowflake, we use Coalesce to create transformations to clean and enrich the data to land it in tables that are used by BI tools to create analytics dashboards

We also leverage Coalesce’s built-in CI/CD tools, version control connectivity, and customized nodes to standardize the transformation process and adhere to software engineering standards.

What Advantages Does Being an Elite Partner with Coalesce Offer?

This elevated status signifies a deeper collaboration between phData and Coalesce, fostering greater opportunities for innovation, client success, and industry leadership.

As an Elite Partner, phData will have access to exclusive resources, advanced training, and enhanced support from Coalesce, further strengthening their ability to deliver top-tier data solutions. This milestone reinforces phData’s position as a trusted leader in the data transformation space and sets the stage for continued growth and success.

What’s Next for phData and Coalesce?

phData and Coalesce will be at Snowflake’s Data Cloud Summit this June, showcasing our latest announcements and answering data transformation questions. If you’re attending, be sure to stop by and visit both booths for swag, networking, and insights! 

phData Booth #1315

Coalesce Booth #2303

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