June 23, 2020

Databricks Names phData 2020 Rising Star Award Winner

By Jordan Birdsell

Databricks announced this week during their Partner Summit that phData has been named the 2020 Rising Star Award winner. With multiple joint customer wins over the past year, we’re honored to be recognized with such a high distinction and excited about our future in the Databricks ecosystem.

You can learn more about the award in our press release! Taking a quick break from the Spark+AI Summit, we want to highlight a few key areas that we’ve grown to love about the Databricks stack that enables our customers’ data and AI journeys!

MLflow Leads the Way in MLOps

If you’ve worked in the machine learning space in the last year, you’ve undoubtedly heard something about MLOps.  MLOps is a discipline that introduces DevOps, governance, monitoring, and more into the machine learning lifecycle, where it has long been neglected.  Thanks to Databricks and the release of MLflow, we can now better help our customers build machine learning platforms that meet their organizational needs.  Databricks cemented themselves as pioneers in the space when they released MLflow just over 2 years ago. With MLflow and our MLOps framework, we have the perfect recipe for success for our customers.

Scalable Data Processing Without the Headache

phData has worked on some of the largest data processing systems in the world. Like the rest of the industry, we’ve had to deal with infrastructure pains, software complications, and added costs while working with traditional data systems.  Since partnering with Databricks, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a cloud-native data platform that provides technologies that we’ve built our skills around.  The Databricks platform, combined with phData’s Data Engineering expertise and automation, delivers the one-two punch that organizations need to solve their data processing challenges in the cloud.

Simplifying Data Processing for Changing Data in Delta

If you’ve managed a data lake or built data pipelines in the last decade, you’ve certainly felt the pain of managing changing data in a big data platform. Whether you handled this by rewriting all of your data, partitioning off recent data to lower the amount of data you need to rewrite, or building out complicated architectures involving multiple storage systems, you likely have had enough. Thankfully, Databricks created Delta Lake, a fully ACID-compliant data lake platform that brings back those updates and deletes we’ve missed all these years. 

Looking Forward

While we celebrate this award we still have an eye on the future for continuing our joint success with Databricks. We are excited to be working with a partner that has been leading the way on industry critical capabilities, like MLOps.  We look forward to what lies ahead and we’re thrilled to be part of the data journey for so many customers.  Want to find out more about how phData helps our customers find success on Databricks? Reach out to sales@phdata.io and we’ll gladly get in touch! 

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