MLOps vs. DevOps: What is the Difference?

Machine learning is a term almost everyone in the IT space has heard by now—but it’s not just a buzzword used in flashy presentations anymore. As machine learning has started to become more applied and less theoretical, the industry has begun to incorporate it into important projects.  We’re past the point of proving its value. […]

Accelerating ML: What Does MLOps Look Like In Practice?

The components of an MLOps framework sound great, but what do they actually provide to teams on a day-to-day basis? It’s possible to talk at length about feature stores, how to deploy models into production, and the costs involved with doing so, but instead let’s take a look at what MLOps really means to an […]

What is a Feature Store?

A simple diagram of what a feature store is

You’ve got machine learning questions, we’ve got machine learning answers. In this blog post, we’ll explore what a feature store is in the first place, explore a few of the key advantages (and disadvantages) of them, and touch on when is the right time for your organization to build or adopt a feature store. But […]

Federated Learning for Cyber Security: What You Need to Know in 2021

A picture of a number of locks that are all the same color of blue except for one lock that is unlocked and red

It’s nearly impossible to watch the news without hearing the term cybersecurity. Just recently, hackers breached the networks of thousands of private companies and government organizations by attaching malware to a single software update from a company called Solarwinds. This single breach granted access for several months and leaked an unprecedented amount of information, most […]

Machine Learning on Snowflake: Clustering Data with Snowpark

Next up in our blog series on Snowpark, we’ll discuss machine learning basics and K-Means clustering in Snowpark with an example. What is Machine Learning? Machine learning (ML) is established by the evolutionary study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. ML uses algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on […]

Executing Machine Learning Models In Snowpark

Welcome back to our blog series on Snowpark, the latest product from the Snowflake data cloud. In this post, we aim to highlight the use of machine learning with Snowpark by applying the XGBoost algorithm to a dataset using scikit-learn (or sklearn) in Python and export the model to an open format called PMML, the […]

What is a Model Registry?

This article aims to answer many frequently asked questions about model registries. For a broader perspective on how model registries fit into an MLOps framework, check out the Tracking section of our Ultimate Guide to Deploying ML Models. What is a Model Registry? A model registry is a repository used to store trained machine learning […]

The Ultimate MLOps Guide: How to Deploy ML Models to Production

Featured image with the phData logo and a collection of icons to represent Machine Learning

The Ultimate MLOps Guide: How to Deploy ML Models to Production Machine-learning (ML) models almost always require deployment to a production environment to provide business value. The unfortunate reality is that many models never make it to production, or if they do, the deployment process takes much longer than necessary. Even successfully deployed models will […]

What is the Cost to Deploy and Maintain a Machine Learning Model?

A picture of a hand and dollar symbol symbolizing the question, "what is the cost to deploy and maintain a machine learning model?"

Any successful machine learning program will eventually have to deploy a model. An ML program that doesn’t result in models that interact with and change business processes might be a viable research investment for a bit, but if it doesn’t lead to business value, it’s only a matter of time before the program is ultimately […]

A Beginner’s Guide to MLOps: Deploying Machine Learning to Production

A computer generated image of lines and code

Welcome back to our introductory to MLOps series. This is our second post on MLOps and if you missed the first post that covers What is MLOps and 4 Signs You Need It, be sure to give it a read. In this article, we will focus on the MLOps best practices and discuss a minimally […]