Decision Trees and Random Forests in KNIME

Decision Trees and Random Forests in KNIME

Today’s digital world is inundated with massive amounts of data. But in its raw form, this data is just noise until it is analyzed and transformed into meaningful information. This is where data science steps in.  As an interdisciplinary field, data science leverages scientific methods, algorithms, and systems to extract insights from structured and unstructured […]

How KNIME and Snowflake Support Financial Challenges

In today’s data-driven world, industries across the board are turning to advanced tools and technologies to gain deeper insights and improve their decision-making processes.  This is particularly true in the financial services sector, where accurate, real-time data analysis can be the key to success. Two such tools that have been making significant strides in this […]

Using KNIME’s DB Tools with Snowflake

Toward the end of 2022, Snowflake was in use by nearly half of all Fortune 500 companies and it is expected that this proportion will continue to grow throughout the rest of the decade.  As one of the premier cloud-based database tools, it sees usage across virtually every industry and vertical. To get the most […]

Best Practices For Using Snowflake With KNIME

Snowflake with KNIME

As the 21st century has progressed, the use and storage of data in business across virtually every industry has become increasingly important. Companies that fail to leverage their data are left behind while ambitious upstarts displace them. Additionally, as the size and speed of data has increased, the need for cloud storage services has become […]

Building a Predictive Model in KNIME

Building a Predictive Model in KNIME

If you spend even a few minutes on KNIME’s website or browsing through their whitepapers and blog posts, you’ll notice a common theme: a strong emphasis on data science and predictive modeling. Delving further into KNIME Analytics Platform’s Node Repository reveals a treasure trove of data science-focused nodes, from linear regression to k-means clustering to […]

Five Most Useful Extensions in KNIME

KNIME Extensions

When you download KNIME Analytics Platform for the first time, you will no doubt notice the sheer number of nodes available to use in your workflows. With hundreds of nodes at your disposal, the idea of wanting more nodes might seem unnecessary. Of course, as any analytics engineer could tell you, there is no such […]

Is KNIME Difficult to Learn?

Right off the bat, let’s answer the question, “Is KNIME difficult to learn?” No. KNIME is a data preparation platform that’s easy to learn and has the potential to transform your business into a data-driven organization. In this blog, we’ll explore the KNIME learning path as well as walk through three tips for passing the […]

What is KNIME and Tips for Getting Started

In 2017, The Economist declared, “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” Companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft gather untold bytes of data, harvest it, create complex tracking algorithms, and sell it to the highest bidder. Yet, even for those companies that do not specialize in data, the collection and […]