September 19, 2023

Beyond the Data: Deepa Ganiger, Solution Architect/Lead Data Engineer

By Izzy OKonek

Welcome to Beyond the Data, a curious series that investigates the people behind the talent of phData. 

In this article, we’re featuring Deepa Ganiger, who serves as a Solution Architect/Lead Data Engineer at phData.

Describing Deepa in just a few paragraphs? Now that’s a thrilling challenge! She’s a true powerhouse with her incredible talents, innate ability to connect with people, and a ever-growing list of accomplishments. 

And guess what? Hold onto your hats because there’s even more exciting news to share! Drumroll, please… Deepa has been promoted to Solution Architect! This achievement is well-deserved and calls for of a big congratulations! 

Perhaps another approach to introducing Deepa is to simply share a short snippet of feedback others have given Deepa from our phData #shoutout Slack channel: 

“Have you ever met somebody who has absolutely gone hyperbolic in their growth? Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Deepa Ganiger. At this rate, Deepa will be one of the key resources at our client and drive growth for both organizations.”

So, buckle up, folks, because in the whirlwind world of Deepa, the excitement never stops! Let’s learn more about Deepa, her role, and her hobbies!

Tell us your name, where you’re from, and a little about you

My name is Deepa Ganiger. I come from a small town near Bangalore in Karnataka, India. I grew up in a very laid-back kind of town, where I spent a lot of my time growing plants, working on farms, and playing sports. I even got to play volleyball and badminton for our state, Karnataka in India. 

Now, I live in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, which has many corporate offices of pharmaceutical companies. I enjoy learning, doing yoga, and meditating when I’m not working. On the weekends, I volunteer and take part in community events.

What do you actually do on any given day as a Solution Architect/Lead Data Engineer?

As a solution architect/lead data engineer at phData, my role differs from other roles I’ve had in my career. I spend most of my day working with clients and taking the lead on tasks that may be unfamiliar and challenging.

As I was recently promoted as a solution architect, my day-to-day work will be a blend of data engineering and solution architect roles. As a data engineer, I build data flows, code, and design architecture for upcoming projects. I guide and mentor my colleagues to help build a solid and independent team.

In addition to client work, I’ll be involved in interviewing new data engineering candidates. I manage a small team of data engineers to whom I set goals, track progress, and address any challenges that arise. I find joy in participating in Slack channels dedicated to unanswered questions and attempting to learn about the topics and provide answers. Slack serves as phData’s primary communication platform.

How do you like working for a consulting company?

Working at phData is “an absolute joy.” You collaborate with many talented people, each with unique problem-solving methods. phData’s approach to discussing questions and finding solutions is a great learning experience for technical folks.

In addition to the technical aspects, connecting with new colleagues, sharing virtual coffee breaks, attending picnics, and more all contribute to an enjoyable experience. Every week, I set aside time to meet with my team members, understand their work-life balance, and help with HR-related concerns. I also monitor the progress of their client projects.

Can you share any experiences where you felt empowered and supported in your career growth as a woman at phData?

phData empowers and supports me as a woman in several meaningful ways. First, they provide equal opportunities for career advancement and growth, ensuring that gender is not a barrier to success. I’ve also benefited from mentorship programs, where experienced colleagues have guided me in my professional journey. 

I can proudly say that you will see a lot of powerful women leadership within phData in every single department, and I’m glad to be part of this organization. phData celebrates Women’s Month by recognizing many talented women who work here. phData provided me the confidence to take on challenges, knowing I have all the tools and encouragement to succeed.

You've written several blogs for phData. Can you tell us more about that process?

Writing technical blogs is like a double learning adventure. First, it helps if you understand the technical details. To explain tricky content, you really have to understand the content yourself. This means you will do a ton of research, experiment, and maybe even fix problems – all of which make you more knowledgeable about the topic.

Second, you learn to explain steps with great detail, so it is straightforward for the reader to follow along. Turning complex content into simple words means you must write well. You’ll organize your ideas, use clear language, and consider who’s reading it. Over time, as you improve your writing skills and engage in conversations with people about technical topics, technical blogging will become a fun and educational journey.

Writing blogs is excellent because it allows you to learn and experiment with new things while sharing challenging situations you’ve encountered in client projects.

What separates phData from other jobs you’ve had?

phData does not strictly follow the hierarchical structure typically seen in other companies. This means you can reach out to anyone in the organization and discuss any topic – technical or non-technical. I always enjoy seeing Mac Noland, the Chief Data Officer at phData, who works closely with the leadership team. The bootcamp process stands out as a way to prepare new hires and shape them before they begin client work.

phData encourages all employees to upskill themselves in various ways by providing access to Udemy and rewarding employees for completing certifications and writing blogs. This practice sets phData apart from most other organizations.

What is your favorite type of cuisine? And where is the best place to enjoy it?

I really enjoy Indian food, and Bangalore is my top spot to enjoy it. Bangalore offers everything from street food to fancy buffets. One of my Indian favorites is Masala Dosa and filter coffee. 

The masala dosa is a beloved and iconic South Indian dish that has captured people’s hearts and taste buds in Bangalore and worldwide. It is a crispy and thin rice crepe filled with flavorful potato masala and typically served with a variety of chutneys and sambar.

Where's the next place you'd like to travel to, and what would be the first thing you'd do there?

I’ve explored tropical areas, oceans, and mountains, but I’ve never been to a desert. So, I’m considering visiting the Mediterranean Desert for my next trip. I would like to experience camel rides and desert jeep adventures, and I’d love to camp in the desert and gaze at the stars.

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