Alteryx Premier Partner

Turn to phData for Alteryx use case discovery, rapid prototyping, and code-free to code-friendly data preparation.

Whether you need help building dynamic, user-friendly workflows and analytical applications, or deploying and managing Alteryx Server, our experienced team of Alteryx Aces, analysts, developers, and Alteryx-specific consultants can bring your most ambitious Alteryx aspirations to life.

Alteryx Premier Partner

Discover the advantage expert Alteryx consulting brings to your organization

Analytics Engineering

Whether it’s in databases or part of your daily Excel process, organizations have a lot of data that needs to be transformed into insights. Our team provides the resources and expertise you need to handle use case discovery, rapid prototyping, and low-no-code data preparation.

Enablement Experts

We use our learning platform, Data Coach, to guide new users through their Alteryx experience. As you go through the courses, we’ll work with you on a practical, capstone project to start building valuable use cases for your organization while you learn.

Deep Snowflake Expertise

Snowflake is Alteryx’s Technology Partner of the Year. phData is Snowflake’s Partner of the Year. We are your go-to partner for optimizing your Alteryx teams’ use of Snowflake.

Expanding Managed Services

Managing and supporting Alteryx Server can be daunting for many potential buyers. We’ll do it for you, while helping to deliver against your Alteryx backlog at scale. 

Want to learn more? Reach out to speak to an Alteryx expert. 

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Case Study

Alteryx Success Story

Dive into this story of how a major fast-casual restaurant chain built a custom analytics solution in Alteryx to improve compliance.

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Nick Haylund, Alteryx ACE

Role: Sr Director

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Marcus Montenegro, Alteryx ACE

Role: Sr Consultant

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Thales Donizeti, Alteryx ACE

Role: Sr Consultant

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Aiden Bramel

Role: Director

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Pedro Faria

Role: Sr Consultant

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