Your Snowflake Account, Explained.

Traverse takes information about your Snowflake account and turns it into a graph that is used to provide an easy to use, navigable representation of your Snowflake account.

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The Snowflake Data Cloud is designed so that user and application constraints that exist in legacy systems, do not exist in the cloud. This means the number of accounts, roles, and security definitions have the potential to explode when compared to legacy database systems. Additionally, Snowflake uses a flexible hierarchical role model that needs to be simplified for users and administrators.

Just like legacy database systems, we still need to understand the following:

  • How do Snowflake users know what permissions they have?
  • Do Snowflake users know what role to use for their desired access?
  • How do administrators know who has access to what data? 
  • How can I audit access across my Snowflake account?

Using an easy to navigate user interface, Traverse gives you a graphical, searchable view of your Snowflake account. Drill into your databases, schemas, roles, warehouses, and privileges to instantly see how your data can be accessed and by whom.

Traverse lets you easily answer questions like:

  • What data does my user have access to?
  • Who has write access to my project’s databases?
  • Which users have access to my schema, and how?
  • Which users inherit privileged roles like ACCOUNTADMIN or SYSADMIN?
  • What does the role hierarchy look like?

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