PAMS is built on Elastic and provides observability for data products.

Understanding performance, errors, and costs of data products is tedious and difficult. PAMS is a set of packaged tools to aggregate data from data products to solve this problem. Sure you could build PAMS yourself, but why would you when phData provides it at no additional cost.

Observability for data products

Understand your costs

Cloud services can drastically reduce costs by charging you for actual use. However, none of the services have robust costing dashboards. With PAMS, you can gain deep insight into what your costs are coming from.

phData PAMS Dashboard image
PAMS Dashboard phData

Understand your storage

Storage is nearly unlimited in the cloud which can result in over-consumption. PAMS provides robust storage analysis reporting as well.

Operational observability

Alert operational teams when KPIs are violated or errors occur. Give them the tools to respond quickly and efficiently to problems.
Operational Observability phData Pams

PAMS offerings

PAMS supports the following phData services:

Elastic Best Practices and Information Architecture

PAMS comes with a set of Elastic Best Practices and Information Architecture to ensure data is organized and indexed with usability, performance, and scalability in mind. These Best Practices have been developed when working on more than 50 Elastic deployments large and small.

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