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Accelerating Healthcare Analytics on Snowflake

Expanding Data & Analytics in Healthcare

Integrating Veeva data into your Snowflake platform enables users to perform advanced analytics on a unified data platform, accelerating insights and eliminating inefficiency. This offers improved scalability, streamlined workflows, and better data democratization across an enterprise.

What is Veeva Vault + Snowflake?

Veeva Vault is a cloud-based content management system built for the Healthcare and Life Sciences. It manages content and data, allowing organizations to streamline end-to-end processes across commercial, medical, clinical, regulatory, quality, and safety business areas. 

By migrating Veeva Vault into Snowflake, you created a unified platform for analyzing enterprise data. This integration completely transforms digital content operations and provides new opportunities for healthcare and life sciences organizations.

How Does phData Help?

phData builds custom connectors designed to ensure a seamless flow of data between Veeva Vault and Snowflake. 

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