Data Platform Operational Maturity Assessment

Ensure your company and team are successful in scaling your modern data platforms with our complimentary Operational Maturity Assessment (OMA).

The OMA leverages phData’s experience with hundreds of customers and proven best practices to help you better understand how mature your operations are and address any gaps.

The complimentary assessment will cover:

  • Best practices that help accelerate the adoption and scalability of your data platforms  
  • Specific operational capabilities that can hinder data platform adoption
  • Opportunities that will improve your own operational capabilities

This program is developed by a team of experts with unique experience in implementing and scaling modern data platforms. We look forward to helping you make both an immediate and long-term impact on your business.

Talk to our team of platform experts and see where we can help!

Once registered, one of our experts will reach out via email to schedule a free 1-hour OMF assessment.

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