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Cloudera Partner of the Year phData 2020

The Challenges We See in Maintaining Cloudera

The more use cases you add, the more your resources compete against themselves.

Multi-tenant environments are difficult to support.

Different services have different resource and throttling requirements.

Hiring and training a 24x7 team with the right Cloudera operations and troubleshooting skills.

Sound Familiar?

Every business we work with experiences this. You are not alone.

This is the reason phData exists. We’re Cloudera’s 2020 North American Partner of the Year because we know what it takes to build successful data products and production machine learning models.

Optimize your platform with this Best Practices Checklist for Cloudera

We built this simple, strategic checklist to help you get the most out of your Cloudera environment based on best practices and lessons learned as Cloudera’s 2020 North American Partner of the Year!

phData Can Help You

We have a proven track record of helping our customers drive new use cases onto Cloudera while managing their cluster count with 24×7 monitoring, management, enhancements, and system administration.

Take away the administrative burden

With phData’s Cloudera Elastic Operations, you can focus on your data and delivering business value. We’ve developed the automation, tooling, and open-source software needed to support the biggest and most challenging Cloudera clusters.

Make the complex simple

Cloudera includes an ever-expanding set of technologies. This makes it difficult for in-house developers and administrators to become proficient in every tool. Instead, you can rely on our SMEs, engineers, and architects to bring you in-depth knowledge around all of them.

Enable enterprise-grade security

In the world of data, small mistakes cost big money. Our security and governance processes are used by the world’s largest companies to safeguard their data. So you can be sure that your platform will have the highest level of security and governance.

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