A one day, hands-on executive training personalized for your organization

Our phData Team

Machine learning opens the door to the predictive intelligence and automation capabilities you need to stay ahead of the game. But defining your machine learning strategy can be more complicated than deploying the models themselves.

That’s why we developed our Actionable AI Training in conjunction with our partners at Dataiku. This is a one day, hands-on executive training personalized for your organization by one of our senior machine learning resources. We’ll split our time between instructor-led training and hands-on use case development. After the training session, we’ll host an executive summary for your leadership team to present our findings and ensure visibility into high-value use cases.

After completing this training, you’ll be able to:

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Cut through the hype to understand what machine learning can and cannot do

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Recognize the applications of AI and uncover more opportunities to leverage it

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Assign value to the opportunities that can change your day-to-day business

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Leverage Dataiku DSS to create and deploy machine learning models

Registering for this training includes an additional 10 hours outside of the group training session. During this time you can prepare customized research, continue strategic planning, or start executing your new strategy with assistance from your instructor. This ensures the successful adoption of your new machine learning capabilities.

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