Dataiku Elastic Platform Operations and Center of Excellence

Operational support and guidance on best practices for Dataiku

What is Dataiku Elastic Platform Operations and COE?

Dataiku helps data scientists innovate with more agility. Like any analytics tool, achieving results depends on the reliability of underlying infrastructure and integration with enterprise tooling & data sources. phData Dataiku Elastic Platform Operations and COE provides a hybrid team of operations specialists to support and integrate Dataiku for your organization. It also provides access to data scientists and machine learning engineers who can provide guidance on best practices based on proven success with Dataiku.


phData’s Dataiku Elastic Platform Operations is fully staffed up to 24/7. Teams are available around the clock to monitor and troubleshoot incidents per our SLAs.

Our elastic delivery model can scale as your Dataiku usage continues to evolve. We employ a “usage-based” pricing model that is structured for customers to pay for any necessary support, with the ability to scale up or down as needs change.

Our teams include individuals with technical skills that span the breadth of capability required to get the most out of Dataiku.  We’ll have you covered whether you need help resolving infrastructure issues from cloud DevOps experts, support in integrating data sources from Data Engineers, or guidance on building models from Data Scientists.  

With our team deeply integrated within your organization and technology stack – and our intimate knowledge of the Dataiku platform – phData is prepared to execute on any task, whether it is an upgrade, issue, or outage. This will free up your experts to focus on solving new business problems and creating value. 

Simplicity is a core attribute of Dataiku, but its complete feature set is vast.  Smaller teams may struggle to take advantage of Dataiku fully.  Our team includes Dataiku-certified data scientists to provide best practices and architectural guidance for ML workflows on the platform.

Dataiku Elastic Platform Operations and COE helps democratize data science within your business

Enabling citizen data scientists throughout your organization is key to a data-driven business.  Robust AI platform management lets your teams focus on innovation instead of keeping the lights on.

Continuous monitoring and support to deliver a reliable platform for data scientists, analysts, and developers

Expert ML engineering and operations support to productionize and monitor applications on Dataiku

Lower operational costs based on our flexible staffing and pricing model for on-demand access to experts who can respond to incidents, support upgrades, or provide guidance on best practices

What is covered in a Dataiku Elastic Platform Operations and COE engagement? 

No two companies deal with the same challenges within their infrastructure landscape. Here are some examples of how we can support Dataiku within a private cloud, hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, or on-premises environment. 

What does the Dataiku Elastic Platform Operations and COE team do? 

What do they not do? 

Case Study

Medical Device Manufacturer Makes AI a Reality with Dataiku & phData

Learn how phData helped a medical manufacturer deploy Dataiku on their cloud infrastructure in full compliance with corporate cloud and security standards.

Data-driven brands trust phData to run their platforms

Platform in good shape because of phData. Don’t have to worry about monitoring, responding to issues, and that’s a big advantage. We are not software providers, we want to solve business problems. A great partnership. Allows us to focus on the business problems.

Got Dataiku Elastic Platform Operations and COE questions? We've got answers.

Our pricing starts as low as $75k per year. Unlike traditional services companies, phData’s service has elastic, usage-based pricing. You pay only for services you actually use. 

Our Elastic Operations team isn’t just a team of platform administrators, it also includes cloud devops specialists, ML engineers, and data scientists.  This allows us to troubleshoot any level of complex cloud infrastructure problem, operationalize ML pipelines, and coach on best practices.

No, the administration team is integrated deeply within your cloud platform. Successfully operating Dataiku can depend on deploying it properly within your private cloud, meaning integration with IAM, Kubernetes, and external data sources like Snowflake or Redshift.  Our cloud experts have deep expertise in integrating Dataiku into modern platforms. 

Not always. Some weeks you’ll have enough work for multiple full-time staff.  Some weeks you won’t have any work for full time staff. That’s why we like a resourcing model that allows you to expand and contract on an hourly basis. In other words, we provide elastic personnel.

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