March 30, 2023

Tableau Date Calculations Cheat Sheet

By Luke Stanke

If you’re a Tableau user looking to quickly and easily perform date calculations, you’ll love our Tableau Date Calculations Cheat Sheet!

This cheat sheet provides a concise and organized reference guide to help you perform complex date calculations within Tableau. 

With this cheat sheet, you’ll have easy access to the most commonly used date functions, such as calculating time intervals, finding the start or end of a period, and more. You’ll also have access to tips and tricks that will help you efficiently manage date-related data, as well as examples of how to implement the functions in real-world scenarios. 

Below is an outline of all of the calculations in the cheat sheet:


  • Most recent date


  • Current Year
  • Prior Year
  • Prior Year-to-Date
  • Prior Year-to-Day


  • Current Quarter
  • Last Full Quarter
  • Last Full Quarter of Previous Year
  • Days into (any) Quarter
  • Days into Current Quarter
  • Previous Quarter to Date
  • Same Days into Current Quarter
  • Same Quarter-to-date for previous year
  • Last 4 Full Quarters


  • Current Month
  • Last Full Month
  • Last Full Month of Previous Year
  • Days into (any) Month
  • Days into Current Month
  • Previous Month to Date
  • Same Days in Current Month
  • Matching Month-to-Date of Previous Year
  • Last 12 Full Months
  • Last 12 Months
  • Month of Quarter


  • Current Week
  • Last Full Week
  • Matching current week of Previous Year
  • Matching Last full week of Previous Year
  • Last 52 weeks
  • Last 13 weeks
  • Previous 52 weeks
  • Previous 13 weeks
  • Prior Year to Last Full Week
  • Week Number of Each Month


  • Current Day
  • Current Day one week ago
  • Weekdays only
  • Weekends only
  • Most Recent 30 days
  • Previous 30 days prior
  • Third Thursday of the Month


  • Decade
  • Create date from values

Table Calculations

  • Last 13 weeks
  • Monthly year-over-year Comparisons

The cheat sheet contains the calculations, explanations, and examples visualized.

Here are three examples of the cheat sheet.

Current Date

In the first example, we look at how to return the most recent date in a data source. This is ideal for data updated daily but works great for weekly, monthly, or quarterly data

calculations shared

Prior Year

This calculation will return a true or false value for if the date is part of the prior year based on the current date.

Current Year

This calculation will return a true or false value if the date is part of the prior year based on the current date.

Whether you’re new to Tableau or a seasoned user, our Tableau Date Calculations Cheat Sheet is an indispensable tool that will help you save time and get the most out of your data.

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