July 26, 2023

phData Awarded AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) Competency

By Mitch Rudolph

We’re proud to share some exciting news with our friends at AWS! phData has been officially recognized with the AWS MAP (Migration Acceleration Program) Competency!

This is no small feat. 

The rigorous evaluation process put our migration capabilities on AWS to the ultimate test, closely examining our AWS expertise, overall customer satisfaction, and track record of successful project implementations under the microscope. 

Emerging with a huge win from this assessment, we’ve solidified our status as an exceptional provider of top-tier migration solutions. This accomplishment showcases our ability to successfully transition our clients’ data and analytics platforms to AWS and the modern data stack.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have achieved the AWS MAP Competency,” said Adam Fokken, Chief Technology Officer at phData. “This accomplishment is a humble reminder of our expertise in leveraging AWS technologies to enable our customers to transition their workloads to the cloud smoothly and seamlessly.”

How Did phData Achieve this Competency?

One of the key factors that distinguished phData in the AWS competency journey is the combination of our celebrated Migration Factory and in-house automation software, the phData Toolkit.

Our Migration Factory is a framework built upon knowledge and experience that allows us to execute migrations with the utmost efficiency, ensuring a seamless transition to the desired destination. The Migration Factory also provides our clients with a roadmap for transforming their on-premise environments into the cloud using a variety of strategies like ‘lift & shift,’ refactoring, or modernization.

The phData Toolkit on the other hand is a unified interface for all of phData’s apps and tools that help to accelerate and automate data projects, including migrations. One of our most standout tools from the Toolkit is SQL Translation, which can instantly translate SQL from one language to another, eliminating a usually time-consuming, error-prone, and highly manual process.

Both differentiators likely played a critical role in landing this competency.

What's Next?

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we’re continuously at the forefront of cloud innovation. We utilize the comprehensive suite of services offered by AWS to ensure smooth and efficient migrations for our clients.

Our team of certified AWS experts will continue to help organizations overcome migration challenges, minimize downtime, and achieve enhanced scalability and agility in the AWS cloud.


Beyond this AWS MAP Competency, phData offers a diverse array of services spanning data engineering, analytics, AI & machine learning, including data migrations, data strategy, managed services, training & enablement, and data visualization.

If you’re considering a migration to the cloud with AWS, reach out to us today for questions, best practices, and help!

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