What are the 6 Golden Rules for Structuring Data for Analytics?

In this article, we will go over the six (nearly) universal rules that can apply and make your life easier when putting together simple data sets for reporting and analytics tools. We’ll cover the rules in more detail, including good and bad examples of each.  The Six Golden Rules are: Numerical measures should be in […]

eLearning, Bootcamps, and Capstone Projects: What’s Best for Analytics Learning?

Most organizations have recognized the importance of leveraging their data to make better business decisions and have invested in data storage platforms like the Snowflake Data Cloud as well as powerful analytics platforms like Tableau, Sigma, and Power BI (just to name a few).  This, in turn, has created high demand for data and analytics […]

6 Tips to Develop and Enhance the Analytics Capabilities of Your Team

According to Eva Murray, who wrote an excellent book entitled Empowered by Data: How to Build Inspired Analytics Communities, there are specific steps, processes, and recommendations that you can follow to help build an analytics community at your organization. She has found that building an analytics community is one of the most effective ways to […]

What Makes a Great Analytics Enablement Program?

With the abundance of analytics training platforms available in the market, it is easy for buyers to become overwhelmed with choices. When you pair that with how time-consuming these programs can be, it’s extra important to invest in a quality analytics enablement program that’s going to deliver results back to your business. While there’s no […]

Best Platforms for Analytics Learning

Analytics training options are vast, and it’s often difficult to determine which training option is best for you and your company. Selecting the platform that will bring your business closer to data literacy has profound benefits but it can also have the opposite effect if the wrong choice is made.  In this blog, we’ll take […]

Introduction to Data Coach

Education has always been a core component of everything we do at phData. From empowering our employees to pursue new certifications and professional development opportunities to sharing best practices and actionable advice with clients — education is widely celebrated and embraced at phData. To bring our training and methodology to life in an innovative new […]