Archway is an open-source self-service tool to give your users access to the data they need, when they need it. Start collaborating with Archway.
phData Archway

Easily Create and Manage Your Workspaces

Archway provides an intuitive user interface for your users to create and manage workspaces while enabling users with example code and a simplified view of the cluster. Archway plugs in to your Cloudera CDH cluster to:

1 .

Automatically provision and deprovision resources.

2 .

Manage and track resources centrally. Always know who has access to which data.

3 .

Easily manage limited resources by setting up resource queues and disk quotas automatically.

Archway Integrations


Manage resource allocation

Cloudera Navigator

Index metadata in your workspaces


Quickly get up and running with Hive and Impala out of the gate


Automatically apply role based access control across all parts of your workspaces


Quickly create and manage access to Kafka topics and consumer groups

Active Directory

Plug directly into Active directory to streamline complex approval processes

Archway Accelerates And Simplifies The Management Of Big Data Workspaces For Users And Groups, Including:

Self-service provisioning for users and groups with just a few clicks. Includes YARN, HDFS, Kafka, Impala, Active Directory, Governance, and Resource Management needs.
Built-in approval workflows for IT and governance teams.
Automates allocation of resource pools and storage quotas, helps to ensure multi-tenant performance.
Information architecture templates ensure data is organized to support data sharing, governance, and security requirements.

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