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Migrating Oracle databases and tables to Snowflake

Oracle to Snowflake Migration Whitepaper

Are you still sinking up to 40% of your IT budget into Oracle licensing fees? If the answer to that question is yes, then it’s very likely you would be interested in what could be done to reduce that spend. This whitepaper serves as a plan for migrating on-premises and/or cloud IaaS Oracle databases and tables to Snowflake.

Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud, and focused on your OLAP needs. It can assist with reducing dependence on Oracle for analytical workloads using a pricing model that scales with its use. The cloud native offering has many features and capabilities that make it an enticing solution to your company’s data warehousing needs.

Learn more about the advantages of migrating with automation

phData Data Engineering

Migrate faster

Over years of doing Oracle migrations, we’ve developed automation and software such as SQLMorph, Cloud Foundation, and Tram, that allow us to accelerate your move to Snowflake.

phData Team Approach

Migrate with confidence

By eliminating highly manual, error-prone processes — such as translating SQL from Oracle for Snowflake — you can ensure consistent results and reduce errors.

Budget Friendly Approach

migrate for lower cost

Our automation also reduces the overall costs of the migration. There’s no need to hire dozens of offshore engineers to translate all that SQL when you’ve got reliable software at your fingertips that can automate the entire process.

Our whitepaper will walk you through the necessary steps for a successful migration.