Test Drive Traverse

A Better Way to Understand Role Hierarchy in Snowflake

Traverse is the first of its kind application that helps users and administrators better understand roles and privileges in the Snowflake Data Cloud — all for free! Get hands-on experience of the application by taking it for a test drive in a sandbox environment.

How does it work?

Traverse works by gathering account information within Snowflake and turning it into a graph that shows a visual representation of any particular user’s Snowflake account. With Traverse, every Snowflake user can easily answer questions like:

  • What data does my user have access to?
  • Who has write access to my project’s databases?
  • Which users have access to my schema, and how?
  • Which users inherit privileged roles like ACCOUNTADMIN or SYSADMIN?
  • What does the role hierarchy look like?

Test Drive Traverse in a Demo Environment

Already have a Snowflake account? Set up a free Traverse account today and get access to a graphical, drillable view that clearly shows users, roles, databases, schemas, warehouses, and their relationships. 

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