phData can help you operationalize data and machine learning to reliably put data products into production on Snowflake.

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Common Challenges Implementing Snowflake

Organizations don’t have a defined chargeback model which can make it easy to run up a significant bill as multiple business units ask for access.

Overlooking a Snowflake role hierarchy which can end up with thousands of different role types trying to grant access to your users based on your original role design.

Lacking a well-thought-out strategy for ingesting data. Without one, people will ultimately waste a lot of credits and time doing it poorly.

Not continuously monitoring the Snowflake platform and pipelines. Missed errors can cost organizations large amounts of time and money.

Sound Familiar?

Every business we work with experiences this. You are not alone.

This is the reason phData exists. phData has the people, experience, and best practices to get the job done right. By using our lean, more specialized, and experienced team — as well as our software and automation — our customers typically save 20-35 percent on their pipeline implementation & support costs.

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We built this simple, strategic checklist to help you get started on the Snowflake Data Cloud based on best practices and lessons learned as a Premier Snowflake Partner.
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How Can phData Help?

phData is a services company dedicated to delivering solutions on Snowflake. We help with end-to-end services to architect, deploy, and support machine learning and data analytics on Snowflake. Our services include:

Data Engineering

We bring proven tooling, automation, and engineers with deep Snowflake expertise to get your streaming, batch, and interactive data products into production.

Cloud DataOps

We deliver 24×7 monitoring, management, and administration for your data pipelines and applications, with a focus on driving down cost and delivering the best user experience.

Machine Learning

With services across the full ML lifecycle, our experienced data scientists and ML engineers help you build, train, and deploy ML models, then ensure those models continue delivering value.

Snowflake Administration

Snowflake administration is about enabling and accelerating your data adoption flywheel through resource provisioning, automation, and development support.

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