Snowflake Cost Management Consultation

Curious how to manage costs for your cloud data platform?

In a one-on-one setting, phData Chief Architect Troy Fokken will share best practices for cost management in the cloud.

During the free one-hour consultation, Troy offers practical strategies for organizations to save money when using Snowflake. Tactics include:

  • How to catch the most common cost problems before they occur. 
  • Simple cost-management practices you can make for your whole organization. 
  • How to provide visibility, accountability, and chargeback reports. 

Meet one of our Snowflake experts

With over a decade of experience launching successful analytics and data-driven initiatives across numerous enterprises, Troy Fokken is ideally suited to drive partner, marketing, and technology decisions revolving around the Snowflake Data Cloud as a Cheif Architect at phData. Troy is passionate about helping educate and solve our customer’s most complex challenges and applying principles to modern technologies.

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