phData can help you operationalize data and machine learning to reliably put data products into production on AWS.

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The Problems We See in Data and Machine Learning

Organizations don’t have a unified, systematic approach to get new data and machine learning pipelines into production.

Companies don’t have tooling and automation for infrastructure-as-code, CI/CD, self-service, and data pipeline generation.

Data and machine learning projects are viewed as unstable and don't have operational visibility and alerting.

Sound Familiar?

Every business we work with experiences this. You are not alone.

This is the reason phData exists. We’re an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner focused just on data and machine learning. We know what it takes to build successful data products and production machine learning models.

Get Our Data and Machine Learning Best Practices Checklist for AWS

We built this simple, strategic checklist to help you get the most out of your AWS data platform based on best practices and lessons learned as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.

How Can phData Help?

phData brings services and automation to create powerful data pipelines and machine learning systems in AWS. Our services include:

AWS Data Engineering

We provide the support and platform expertise you need to move your streaming, batch, and interactive data products to AWS. Our solutions will deliver stable, scalable data products faster and more cost-effectively.

AWS Machine Learning

We support you across the entire lifecycle of your machine learning projects. From ideation to post-implementation support, we’ll make sure your models get put into production, operate effectively, and are monitored for quality.

DataOps and Elastic Operations

We support and grow centralized and reliable data platforms and pipelines that support your analytics and machine learning initiatives with 24×7 monitoring, management, enhancements, and system administration.

Let's Talk!

Our team is always available to share our expertise and we love learning how other companies are using AWS to empower their data products and machine learning models. We’d appreciate the opportunity to connect and see how we can help each other! 

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