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Experts in Creating Data Lakes
and Data Products.

We help our customers author, deploy, monitor, and support data products faster, more reliably, with fewer errors.

Data Architecture

To create decisive organizational and business change with data, you need a solid architectural foundation. Our architecture recommendations are based on the performance and experiences of hundreds of data engineering and machine learning projects.
phData Data Architecture

Architectures from industry leaders

Solution Architects include published authors, Apache committers, and Apache contributors. They have the experience you need to get the job done right.
phData expertise

Proven approaches

Solution architects are hands-on and know what works in practice. Architectures are built with expert experience in Scala, Spark, and other data engineering technologies.

phData Strategy and Innovation

Architect for efficiency

We specialize in automation-driven architectures that make ongoing analytical and ML projects faster, more secure, more compliant, and with lower execution risk.


phData is the leading specialist provider of data engineering services for streaming, batch, and interactive data products.
  • CI/CD Enabled - phData knows a strong software development lifecycle makes applications faster to develop and less likely to break in production. We come with best practices for integrating source control, automating build processes, creating artifact repositories, and more.
  • Robust Flows - Poorly constructed pipelines are brittle and lack visibility. phData data engineering pipelines includes error handling, alerting, instrumentation, and monitoring.
Data Ingestion Tools

Data ingestion

Ingest and catalog data utilizing best- of-breed automation for fast results. Business and governance metadata is centrally captured and made available so data is easy to find and compliant.

Data engineering

We provide experts in Spark engineering for streaming and batch applications. Applications are developed faster and are less likely to break in production.
Information Architecture Tools

Information architecture

Reference architectures use proven data storage, data serving, and visualization technologies and patterns. Proven patterns ensure that user experience is performant and scalable.


DataOps provides 24×7 intelligent monitoring and management of deployed data pipelines and applications. DataOps Managed Services alerts production support teams of potential problems to ensure confidence in your pipelines and your data.

Pipeline visibility

phData instruments pipelines and applications for active and passive monitoring.

Proactive alerting

phData automation alerts production support teams of potential problems.

User confidence

Monitoring application health and integrity ensures business confidence.

24x7 SLA-bound support

DataOps teams provide 24×7 intelligent monitoring of deployed applications.
Laptop Desk

Data Strategy

The goal is clear: get analytics and machine learning into production.

Why Is Data Strategy Important?

Many executives tend to think that they can buy a technology that will make them successful in building data products. Not so; fluency in data, analytics, and ML is a multi-year journey.
Our customers include pharma, financial services, healthcare, and government agencies. We comply with growing and regionally federated privacy regulations.
We build a growth-enabling culture and operating model that enables success on the scale of thousands of production data products.
Our goal is to unite teams around a proven approach. We provide prescriptive guidance on the platforms, tools, and approaches that work.

We specialize in data.

Data operating systems

Anyone can build a data pipeline that works once. phData creates systems for ongoing data engineering productivity and reliability. This includes cookbooks and best practices for testing, data quality, proactive alerting, and CI/CD.

Depth beats breadth

Most services companies use large teams of unskilled architects and data engineers. In the fast-changing world of data and analytics, this is a recipe for failure. phData uses small teams, deep expertise, and an agile approach to show success in weeks, not years.


We build and develop with long-term scale and efficiency in mind. Examples include framework-driven approaches to building data ingest pipelines that multiply developer productivity.

Clarity and confidence

Today’s market provides many pipeline technology and framework options. It can be overwhelming for customers to identify which one best suits their use cases. We compare and contrast the various design options based on user needs, product requirements, and system constraints to develop architectures for success.

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