Harness the power of the massive amounts of data that your company produces. Our architects and engineers deliver unprecedented results.

The Big Data ecosystem is evolving faster than traditional technology stacks. phData is at the nexus of these innovations, making mountains of invaluable data manageable and consumable for enterprise companies.

Our data engineers bring deep knowledge and best-in-class development methodologies to high-profile business value projects, ensuring they are delivered and supported in a sustainable manner. Our expertise is unmatched, providing companies with the specialized support they require — without the burdens of hiring and retention.

Proven Results

The business results are real. One retail client drove traffic to their digital platforms by delivering new content to their customers through scale-out infrastructure. Due to phData’s unique skill set, a healthcare company gained unprecedented insights into their global pricing to maximize profits and increase margins.

Forward-thinking companies turn to phData to mobilize their data management projects and make their efforts future proof.

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