Remove the barriers of establishing a sustainable Hadoop deployment. Receive world-class operational support and flat-fee managed services from phData.

Hadoop operations are the bedrock of achieving results, value and insight from your data clusters. Managed services from phData set you free from the complexities and specializations required for Hadoop implementations, allowing you to make focused business decisions based on real-time data.

Managed Services Leadership

Learning to build, operate and support Hadoop clusters at scale takes years — and Hadoop continues to evolve at a staggering rate. Our team includes the world’s leading Spark developers who can address the burning questions of strategic and tactical Hadoop implementation:

  • What service databases require dedicated resources?
  • How can HBase traffic be isolated from other services?
  • What is the best way to add a new group or user to the cluster?

Our experienced and agile team enables your company to achieve optimal operations, reliability and scalability.

  • The only managed service vendor with Apache PMC members
  • The only fixed price Hadoop Admin solution—an industry first

Faster Time-to-Value

By providing 24×7 operational support, comprehensive cluster planning and fully managed services, we provide faster time-to-value on your data cluster project. Focusing on results for everything from installation to security, we dramatically reduce ramp-up time and provide significant cost savings while positioning your IT team for future troubleshooting success.

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Set aside the stress of hiring and retaining talent solely to support Hadoop clusters. Let phData’s expertise capitalize on Hadoop technology for your specific long-term data needs.