Our Software will help you

accelerate data platforms, governance, pipelines, and machine learning.

As a services company, our software is the formalization of our experience and patterns for customer success. We build software to help our customers deliver stable, productionalized data platforms and data products within weeks, not years.

phData Archway


Archway accelerates and simplifies the management of Big Data workspaces for users and groups, including:

  • Self-service provisioning for users and groups with just a few clicks. Includes YARN, HDFS, Kafka, Impala, Active Directory, Governance, and Resource Management needs.
  • Built-in approval workflows for IT and governance teams.
  • Automates allocation of resource pools and storage quotas, and helps to ensure multi-tenant performance.
  • Information architecture templates ensure data is organized to support data sharing, governance, and security requirements.

Cloudera Best Practices Plugin

Advanced operational awareness to improve cluster stability and performance, including:
  • Know when Big Data frameworks are being used properly.
  • Improve query performance and cluster utilization.
  • Flag scenarios likely to cause performance issues.
  • Eliminate resource waste and costs.
  • Enable and disable checks based on needs.
  • Scheduled best practice reports delivered to your inbox.
  • Easily installed as a Cloudera Manager service.
phData Cloudera Best Practice Analyzer
phData Pulse


Ensure business confidence through continuous monitoring and alerting for mission-critical data pipelines and ML systems. Pulse provides:
  • Proactive alerting on data pipeline errors and issues.
  • Alerting via email, slack, and HTTP integrations for various messaging & alerting tools.
  • Integration with Apache Sentry for secure developer and operator troubleshooting.
  • Accelerated troubleshooting for complex Big Data applications.
  • Easily installed as a Cloudera Manager service.
Pipewrench phData


Pipewrench is a data ingestion machine. When you need to ingest hundreds or thousands of data sources quickly, Pipewrench makes it easy.
  • Quickly develop highly complex pipelines using industry-leading data ingestion tools like Sqoop, StreamSets, and NiFi.
  • Automated ingestion of business and technical metadata.
  • Automated generation of data catalog artifacts, including documentation, ERDs, and integration code.
  • Quickly respond to changing requirements like new columns, changing metadata, and new data sources.
phData Retirement Age

Retirement Age

Retirement Age helps you to filter and delete data for liability, governance, or regulatory reasons, such as GDPR.

  • Automatically deletes sensitive data from immutable data storage layers like S3 and HDFS to ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and infosec security policies.
  • Easily filter datasets stored in Parquet and Avro, using the Hive Metastore, or datasets stored in Kudu.

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