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We know first hand just how challenging it is to manually translate thousands of SQL scripts. It’s time-consuming, tedious work that can crush employee morale and delay projects with inevitable errors.

We needed to automate this process, so we built SQLMorph. It works just like Google Translate – simply paste in your source queries on the left, and your translated dialect will appear on the right! It ended up being so impactful for our own team, we decided to make it freely available to everyone.

All you need to do is fill out the form on the right to sign up and get access to both our user-friendly UI and the command line interface for batch conversions.

A graphic showing 11 different technologies that use the SQLMorph dialect

The Advantages of Migrating with Automation

  • Migrate faster

    SQLMorph instantly translates SQL from one language to another so you no longer need to wait on a team of people.

  • Migrate with confidence

    By eliminating highly manual, error-prone processes — such as translating SQL from Oracle to Snowflake — you can ensure consistent results and minimize errors.

  • Migrate for lower cost

    There’s no need to hire dozens of offshore engineers to translate all that SQL when you’ve got reliable software to automate the entire process.

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