Hadoop Versions In Vendor Distributions

Hadoop distributions typically come with between 20-30 open source projects, all bundled together to make a “big data platform” enterprises can deploy and maintain in a sustained manor. E.g. Hadoop core, HBase, Hive, Spark, etc. The foundation is Hadoop core, with the others sitting alongside or on top.
Two common questions come up with enterprises adopting Hadoop: 1) “What projects am I getting in the vendor distribution I choose?”, and 2) “What versions of all the projects am I getting?” To help answer these questions holistically, phData has created a spread sheet laying out different vendor distributions, along with the projects included in them, and the versions of each. phData will keep this updated as the distributions innovate, along with when new vendors come on board.

One thing important to note is that vendors do take liberty in “backporting” some of their changes into projects included in their distribution.  For example, CDH 5.3.0 ships with Hive 0.13.1, but they have backported the following changes into their distribution.  What this means is if you took 0.13.1 from Apache and 0.13.1 from CDH 5.3.0, the CDH release would have the changes listed out in their release notes.  Outside of being confusing, this can cause some emotional discussions, but generally speaking, phData’s feeling is that this is done for some good reasons like fixing bugs or releasing minor features before giving the customers all the features in a major release.
These links are subject to change, but the source of these are found at the links below.
CDH Current Releases
CDH 5 Previous Releases
CDH 4 Previous Releases
Amazon Elastic Map Reduce
MapR = phData was unable to find a friendly table version, but did find a release notes link in there documentation that looks like it might be where you would find the various project versions a MapR distribution comes with. Be nice if the community could get this in a table or friendly picture like Cloudera, Hortonworks, and Amazon have done.