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End-to-end services to deliver machine learning at scale on Databricks.

Machine learning is complex — especially when it comes to actually delivering models at scale. Most data scientists are focused mainly on designing models to solve business problems, rather than ensuring those models will run stably and scale on production infrastructure. On the other hand, traditional software engineers might not know the particular mix of tools and languages used by most machine-learning applications.

Databricks Machine Learning from phData gives you access to the expertise and tested frameworks you need to get models into production. As a leading specialist provider of data engineering and machine learning services, we help ensure your projects succeed across every step of your project’s lifecycle — from ideation to post-implementation support.

Databricks Machine Learning Offerings

Get the support and multidisciplinary expertise you need, across the full Databricks machine learning project lifecycle:

Data Scientist


Find solutions for your organization’s most daunting data challenges, with our data science team at the ready to help you unearth the hidden potential of your data.

phData Data Engineering

Machine Learning Engineering

Our multidisciplinary machine learning specialists bring the perfect combination of data science expertise and hands-on engineering knowhow to help you harden, scale, and integrate machine learning applications that deliver measurable results.

Data Science Team

Managed Machine

Deploy and manage your machine learning models, with 24x7 monitoring and alerting to rectify problems (such as model drift) before they take a toll on your bottom line.

Solving the toughest machine learning problems on Databricks

Proven paths to accelerate ML success

We get your machine learning models into production. Thanks to our proven deployment patterns, implementation frameworks, and automation, we do it faster and with less risk — all while freeing your team to focus on your core business needs.

Machine learning that delivers at-scale

One-off solutions are not the path to sustainable machine learning success. Our multidisciplinary machine learning engineers have the skills to implement the proper infrastructure and processes you need to build, optimize, and scale production-ready ML applications that integrate with key business systems.

All-new ways to get value from your data

From use-case exploration to data acquisition, we help you identify machine learning opportunities, challenges, and goals. Whether it’s data discovery or model training, we put our engineering expertise to work, helping ensure your models deliver value back to the business.

Model compliance and confidence

Model drift leads to faulty predictions, which lead in turn to financial damage and risk. We help make sure your models are properly validated and tested, adhering to organizational and regulatory policies, then work to monitor and proactively refit drifting models.

Case Study: Top-5 U.S. ATV Manufacturer

A top U.S. ATV Manufacturer struggled to accurately forecasting demand across hundreds of thousands of unique products — particularly when many of these had unique seasonal or regional factors in demand, and little or no historical data.

Why phData for Machine Learning on Databricks?

Machine learning expertise meets Databricks know-how

At phData, engineering is our DNA. We hire data scientists with a practical understanding of how to build and deliver models that hold up in production. And as the leading specialist provider for ML and data engineering on Databricks, we bring deep platform-specific expertise to help you:
Machine Learning phData

Support and expertise across the full machine learning lifecycle

We bring the right people with the right skills at each stage of the machine learning lifecycle
— helping you implement repeatable processes and frameworks at every step to iterate and deliver models faster.

From ideation to model training to deployment to post-implementation support, we help ensure your Databricks-based machine learning projects deliver value — whether it’s training and validation with Databricks notebooks, experiment tracking and model management with MLflow, or integrating platform-specific best practices for deploying models on the Databricks platform and beyond.

A vigilant, systematic approach to machine learning security

With experience in implementing successful projects in highly regulated industries, we understand how to help your machine learning initiatives deliver value without sacrificing security. We assist with model authorization, model cataloging, data-set and feature cataloging, model interpretability, audit, and monitoring to ensure your ML projects adhere to appropriate legal, ethical, and regulatory constraints.

Also, our emphasis on automation, repeatability, data transparency, and process standardization minimizes human error — and therefore minimizes risk.

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