Data Quality Monitoring

Ensure Data Quality and Monitoring Across Your Data Pipelines
We’ve built a process and library on Deequ which provides a robust Data Quality Monitoring solution for Cloud Native data and machine learning pipelines.
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Confident Decisions

Regardless of velocity or volume of data, you can ensure that missing or incorrect data will be detected. Improving confidence of users and decisions.

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User Experience

Get reliable analytic and machine learning pipelines that are resistant to failure from unexpected changes or modifications in data.

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ML Model Performance

One of the best kept secrets to better model performance is quality data. One 2016 paper showed 17% increase in model accuracy form clean data.

Why is Data Quality Important?

Data Quality is the achilles heel of analytics & data science. Poor data quality leads to slower and lower quality decisions along with spending significant dollars attempting to find the source of the problem. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, IBM estimated poor data quality cost the US economy $3.1 Trillion in 2016 alone.

phData Data Quality Monitoring

Solution: Ingestion Confidence

phData will implement Data Quality Monitoring for your Cloud Native Data Warehouse or Data Lake. This solution defines a process by which organizations can move from a reactive approach to data quality to a proactive approach, saving time and money and speeding decision making. In short you will start finding data quality issues before your users do.
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