Using Ranger Made Easy With Hortonworks

Security is at the forefront of all enterprises today.  Making sure that data are protected and consumed by authorized entities is a daunting task for development and operations staff, who are often under pressure from business units to focus on features, rather than non-revenue generating infrastructure. The good news is things are getting easier.  The Hadoop […]

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Build a Hadoop Distribution like Hortonworks or Cloudera

Apache Hadoop and much of it’s ecosystem are free and open source. Due to it’s free nature, customers often ask, why would I need a distribution such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, or MapR? Indeed, some users of Hadoop do not use a distribution. Yahoo and Facebook for example build a distribution for internal use. The purpose […]

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Hadoop Versions In Vendor Distributions

Hadoop distributions typically come with between 20-30 open source projects, all bundled together to make a “big data platform” enterprises can deploy and maintain in a sustained manor. E.g. Hadoop core, HBase, Hive, Spark, etc. The foundation is Hadoop core, with the others sitting alongside or on top. Two common questions come up with enterprises […]

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