Power BI Workspace Strategy for Self Service within Premium Capacities

When deploying Power BI, it is common for organizations to overlook having a strategy for what would seem to be a simple task – creating workspaces. It is important for organizations to have a strategy for partitioning workspaces to avoid big problems down the road. As consultants, we’ve come across many organizations that have simply […]

How to Set up Power BI Gateways on Azure Virtual Machines

Whether you are setting up an On-Premise Gateway to provide authentication for an on-premise data source to the cloud or for cloud to cloud connections (such as connecting to the Snowflake Data Cloud), using Virtual Machines (VM) to house your gateways is generally considered best practice for security purposes.  In this blog, I am going […]

How to Create a Bridge Table in Power BI

Within data modeling, the cardinality of a join between two tables describes the relationship between the rows of one table and rows in the other. Common cardinalities include one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many. In a one-to-one relationship, one record in a table is associated with one record in another table. In a one-to-many/many-to-one relationship, one record […]

How to Provision Access to Power BI Workspaces and Licensing

Having a detailed plan for provisioning Power BI licenses and Power BI Service workspace access in your organization will help keep your deployment functioning smoothly and efficiently. This blog will be helpful for anyone who is either overseeing a Power BI deployment or who already administers a Power BI Service instance. In this post, we […]

Enabling Azure AD SSO in Snowflake with Power BI

The Snowflake Data Cloud and Power BI are currently two of the hottest technologies in the data landscape, so it is no surprise that we see many enterprises using these two tools in tandem. Because these two tools are so popular, it is important for organizations to understand how they play together. In this blog, […]

What is the Price of Power BI Premium and What SKU Should you Choose?

If you’re considering Power BI as your organization’s analytics suite then you’ve no doubt heard of Power BI Premium. Put simply, Power BI is the organization-level subscription for all Power BI services. Besides licensing all users with the ability to strictly interact with content, Power BI Premium licenses the capacity of every dashboard, dataset, and […]

How to Choose the Right Virtual Machines for Your Power BI Gateways

Setting up the right infrastructure to support your Power BI deployment can be a tedious task loaded with tough decisions and lots of different variables to consider.  Our goal is to make one part of your enterprise deployment – choosing the right virtual machines (VMs) for your gateways – a little bit easier.  Choosing the […]

What are the Different Licenses in Power BI?

There really is no such thing as a free lunch. Whether you think about the popular phrase in terms of economics and opportunity cost, in terms of science and the four laws of ecology, or in terms of that delicious sandwich at the shop down the street, there sadly is no way you’re getting lunch […]

New Features from Microsoft Build

If you missed this year’s Microsoft Build, you missed a lot of great new feature releases from Microsoft! New features and releases are often a reflection of the investment and, therefore, commitment that companies have to certain tools and platforms. These new features can also highlight a company’s vision or roadmap for tools and platforms, […]

What are Field Parameters in Power BI?

In the May 2022 version of Power BI Desktop, Microsoft released Field Parameters as a preview feature. Field Parameters allow users to toggle between dimensions and measures with the click of a button rather than some of the more complicated workarounds needed in the past. Field Parameters will help shorten development time for Power BI […]